If you can dodge my texts, you can dodge a ball


So… Last we left off I was talking about my fantastic living situation for next year in which my best fried Coral started to become  enchanted by the mystical powers of Indigo, which of course was a huge problem for me. This caused me to start to doubt whether living with Coral would be the right choice after all. Now to wrap this up!


After much consideration, I decided for obvious reasons listed in the last post that, I could not live with Coral. Now this was not made lightly, I lived through a week of hell in which I cried a lot, sstopped doing any real work because it meant I would have to try to focus in quiet, and any time I was in quiet I would have a mental break down, I also applied to transfer schools, to one closer to home.  Now you may think, well that drastic, just over a rooming assignment. And its true, but it wasn’t just a room. Because I was slowly learning that for the second time in one year, I had lost a friend.  And as you could imagine, this scared me. I thought it was all my fault, that I was worthless, in capable of holding on to friendships, that I had some huge personality flaw that could never be solved. I was depressed to say the least.  But I saw the light at the end of the tunnel.


And it was my greek life, the bonds I was making there, and the happiness I found being surrounded by my new Greek friends. ANd so I choose happiness, I choose to live in the house.

And so I did the responsible thing and talked to Coral about my decision. We sat down and explained that I was scared, and hurt, and that the only possible way of me staying at this college was not to live together.  Coral seemed unsurprised, which startled me, apparently Indigo had seen me filling out my application to transfer, and alerted the public. I then told Coral that I would do everything in my power to help settle the apartment stuff, if that meant finding a roommate for her, paying some little fines for the lease here and there, what ever it may be.

Sounds great right? All problems solved!


Three weeks ago, Coral came to the decision that Indigo was going to take my spot in the apartment. And as heartbreaking as it was to actually realize that they were now fully committed to each other, and I was clearly last years Vogue, I was at least happy I was getting out of the apartment.  Coral said that the lease was already given to Indigo and it just needed to be looked over.  WOW, what an easy transition, Coral and Indigo were actually on top of their shit.  EVEN though I had immense hatred for them, I had to be a little proud that they had seemed to have it figured out…


Clearly, I forgot the basic rule of our friendship. It’s shit, it’s always gonna be shit, and if you think hey this isn’t that bad, you’re wrong cuz it’s shit, and you are probably… you guessed it… just shitting yourself.


So… For the next 2 weeks I proactively contacted the lease company, got money together for the cost of changing the lease, got in contact with the GH house to make sure I had everything for that lease. All under the assumption that my counterparts in this endeavor will doing everything necessary for them as well to reach a solution. I know, when will I learn?


Now during this whole time I hadn’t heard a lot from Coral or Indigo. I started to get concerned and texted Coral. Simple little texts. Like, “Hey! how’s the apartment stuff going?” or “Hi? Wanna go to lunch? Maybe we could talk about the apartment too?” or “How was you’re day? Do anything fun? Have you heard from Indigo about the appartment business?” or ” We should really get this apartment stuff done soon. Like maybe this week, let know what works best for you guys!” I would send one a day and would never get a response. Yet I would see snap chat stories of them together from Coral’s phone, or her status’s about her perfect day with her best friend ever, from her mobile device. Soooo clearly she hadn’t lost her phone, she seemed to not be sick, she seemed to have all her fingers and the ability to type with them.


So clearly I was just being avoided. Clearly Coral read the texts, cuz it said read underneath them, taunting me. SO WHAT? WHAT WEIRD LINE DID I CROSS? Was it the fact that I cared about the rooming situation? Was it that I wanted to make this process as easy as possible, and stress free for all of us? Was it that 2 weeks was not enough time for you to figure a little tiny bit of your FUCKING magical new life together out??? Or was I just not important enough for your royal majestic bitches, for you to give me the time of day? OR was it that dodging me was just soooo much more fun?! Like a fun recreational game of dodge ball with all the added fun of middle school drama?


Like yah, “look at that ART trying to be all adult like and trying to deal with this in a timely fashion. What an idiot? Who wants to have an answer for whether they have to pay 2 leases or not? Definitely not us! Lets show ART by not even acting a bit concerned! Like ewwww… being professional in hard situations when dealing with people who are basically the Kim Kardashian Assholes of this university is such an immature move.” Yah I bet that is what they say, as they read the texts together and giggle.


(sorry Kim I bet your asshole is probably a lot nicer then these two)

Because even while I accept responsibility for making the decision to not room together, and thus them rooming together. I feel that I have been nothing but kind and even helpful in this process, while I am met with nothing but blatant disrespect.


So in conclusion!

Any friendship that could have been sustained with Coral is now completely out of the picture. I currently have 2 leases and no real plan for how to get rid of the second one, unless I take charge, find someone, and just be like “Sorry your stuck with them now! Shoulda got your shit together sooner!”  And I just want everything to be okay, and to be done with this semester, done with this school, and most IMPORTANTLY DONE WITH THEM!


SO if you have any advice (other then get a therapist and an editor) that would be helpful, let me know!
Until next time,
Always remember to smile at a stranger, thank a plant, and eat something covered in cheese (or just a potato if your lactose intolerant)! Have a nice day!

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