Once Upon A Time, We Were All Friends.

So let me start of by apologizing, for basically not posting for like a month! I’ve been busy/an emotional wreck and now I’m gonna attempt to make up lost time.  So I’ve been playing with ideas on how to write more on here, and I think I have one that might work, so I will let you know soon more about it!


No for real I’m not joking! I’m gonna do it!!

Anyway,  so lets play some catch up in the mean time.  So I guess to do this we will need to have story time!

Once Upon A Time….


Everything was perfectly fine in my group of friends. I lived happy with Indigo and Navy, my friend Coral lived on the other side of campus with my other friend Grape. It was suppose to be a great year of happiness and laughter, the world was our oyster! But then tragedy struck! Duh duh Duuuunnnnn! As it always seems to do.


Grape was dating one of Coral’s friends from home. At first it seemed just like a fling, but months pasted and soon it became clear they were a couple here to last a while.  Normally one would think this is great, but that’s not how it was for Coral.  It turned out Coral didn’t really approve of Grape’s relationship with Slate (the friend from home), but of course Coral never expressed this to Grape or Slate. Coral was very I guess protective of her friend Slate, and they had a weird relationship, Coral often referred to Slate as the other half, even though Coral was in a happy long-lasting relationship. Coral and Slate would hold hands and do other flirty things when they were around each other, even right in front of Grape. Now as you can imagine, Grape was not okay with this, but of course no one talks to anyone about feelings at this college it seems, so as friends of both I was one of the few who got to hear both sides of the story.  And not gonna lie, it was a very strange love triangle thing going on, that I didn’t think really existed outside the torment of teenage novels.


So there I was stuck in the middle of a “Slate is my….” war.  Now around this time of secret battles between them, Grape and Coral both decided to look for apartments for the next year. You have to start looking at basically the beginning of the year in this stupid college town. SO for those of you wondering about the time line, this was the beginning of first semester, probably around September.  Even with these small problems occurring between them they still signed a lease for a beautiful apartment for next year.

But wouldn’t you know it things got worse…


Okay maybe not that bad, but it was touch and go for a while.  One night Coral and Slate were doing their usual weird friendship flirting, in front of a group of Grape’s friends, this understandably made Grape unhappy. Grape lost it.  I got a call from a very furious Grape and went to talk about, Grape was very heated, I told Coral not to go back to the room to try to spare some of the yelling and calm Grape down. After a lot of talking and me playing devil’s advocate, Grape calmed down a bit, but the damage was already done. Grape and Coral had a long talk, and even then Grape felt like she still couldn’t trust Coral.  Coral felt uncomfortable in the room and I offered to stay with me and my roommate. Now a point of interest both my roommates, Navy and mostly INDIGO, we not really pleased with this. They thought the whole thing was stupid (and so did I to some extent), but I was there to help my friends. Indigo even complained about me taking in someone else, to our already crowded room.  What I didn’t realize is how rooming Coral made me seem more loyal to her cause. This is the part I am most disappointed about.

One night, we went back to Coral’s room when Grape wasn’t there to grab some stuff, we of course got to talking about the situation, rather loudly and I didn’t realize at the time how loyal I had become to Coral. However Grape ended up hearing the conversation. And Grape let us know  too, Grape asked Coral to move out of the room by next week and to get out of the lease for next year.  Coral stood there just taking it, and shaking terrified. I could not stand to see such a sight, even though it wasn’t my war, what can I say, I’m a loyal person, I don’t like seeing people I like hurt. I spoke up and it cost me dearly. I lost Grape as a friend.  For fighting a stupid battle that wasn’t mine. Why??? Because I believed Coral would do the same thing for me. I believed our friendship was more important. I believed in the moment she was right, even though everything in my body told me she wasn’t. Because to me that is what friendship is, its not about standing there watching your friend get beaten up, its about jumping in on the fight. Taking one for the team. Knowing that they have your back.i-got-your-back

In short, I was stupid. I lost a friend, for a lost cause. Little did I know how stupid I was. How big of a mistake I had just made. I chose the wrong person. Because here is a little advice not every friend is worth keeping, not every person is worth letting into your life, and no fight about some obnoxious significant other is worth it. I blame Twilight for ruining our culture by romanticizing the love triangle.


Anyway, me and Grape didn’t talk for months, which I spent being very loyal to Coral.  We even decided to live together next year, and found an apartment. Everything seemed alright, though I did miss Grape. Of course Indigo still made little snide comments about the whole thing and its idiocy, which I didn’t need seeing as Indigo wasn’t even involved.  But then again I’m saying this forgetting that the whole world does in fact revolve around Indigo, so I guess I’m wrong again.


But when me and Indigo had our falling out, I realized how much I need Grape.  I tried to get in contact, but it took more then apologizing which I knew, I had broken the bond of trust.  It took a while but eventually me and Grape got to an alright place, but it would never be the same as it was before. During this time, I still made sure Coral was a priority, I never let my plans with Grape interfere with mine with Coral, if I wanted to have a social gathering, I always chose Coral over Grape to invite.

Now you may be wondering…


Well my next blog post will tell the story of my melodramatic past couple of weeks, and will take a turn more towards the love story of Indigo and Coral or Indral as their couple name is!


And the shit storm it put me through!

And as always remember to smile at a stranger, thank a plant, and eat something covered in cheese (or just a potato if your lactose intolerant)! Have a nice day!



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