Some Trash Talk

Sorry for not posting a lot lately, life has of course been rough….

But I’m sure I will get to that later! But today we will focus on having a nice little trash talk!


Now I don’t mean discussing the act of trash talking, cuz lets be honest my blog kinda is one long complaint! No I mean actually talking about the trash.  You may be like, well that is a weird thing to devote a whole blog post or rant about it, but NOOOO in the world that I have been thrusted into called coexisting in a fucked up college, this is a legit concern.

So to recap I live with Indigo and Navy.  In the beginning of the year all 3 of us used the same trash and recycling can, makes sense right then it is communal and we could each take turns taking it out, and life would be all rainbows and unicorns!









But like everything else this year… no that wasn’t going to work.  So first Navy got her own trash can, both me and Indigo are in a major that creates a lot of waste, from papers and whatnot.  So that was cool, Navy is always on top of her shit, and so it was better for her and she just took out her own trash and sometimes took out the recycling.

So that left me and Indigo to share the other can and take turns taking the trash to the dumpster. Now with the powers of teamwork (which I am not trying to brag but I learned in elementary and often put into practice) and the fact that we are suppose to be civilized adults, with some form of consideration for one another.


I figured this will be an easy feat!  With my roommate last year we would simply remember which one of us took out the trash last and then the other one would do it, how simple is that?  Great. So around the end of the second month of the joint custody trash bin, I notice hmmm… I am definitely the only one taking out the trash, so I’m like well okay maybe I just take it out before Indigo gets a chance to. So instead of taking it out when I first notice it is full, I just let it sit for a little while. No big deal right? 4 days go by… The trash is starting to overflow, so I mention it to Indigo. “Man, the trash needs to be taken out soon!” To which she nods and goes, “yah, it does!”. I figured that was a weird answer but hey at least I brought it to her attention. Another 3 days go by, (its been a week since I would usually take out the trash), this just so happened to be at the height of my I’m gonna be healthy and eat Greek Yogurt everyday for breakfast with some berries/bananas, and after 2+ weeks for the older food of sitting in the trash bin, the remnants of the breakfast mixed with other trash is starting to smell.  So not only is the trash now spilling over onto the ground, which just conveniently happens to be located very close to my part of the room where my chair is, but the whole room is starting to smell and Navy pointed out that she is seeing fruit flies.


So on my way out to class, while Indigo had free time I just mentioned that the room smelled and the trash is so full!  To which Indigo replied “Yah I have been wondering what that smell is! Someone should really take care of the trash.”  I almost shit myself right there if it weren’t for that it would only add to the smell.  I then just replied someone should! And left for class.  To come back to a still full can.

OK, I gave up, I took the trash out right then, and the next day I folded and got my own trash bin! Problem solved right? I am not expected to take out Indigo’s trash right? And Indigo as a close to fully-functioning adult can see that I full trash can means it should be taking out to the dumpster! And after a few initial blunders it seemed okay.

Until recently, now in all fairness it has been cold out and so going outside isn’t the most pleasant adventure ever (see my last post on how my school ‘handles’ snow), but the dumpster is maybe 20 ft away from our dorm room at tops!  Recently Indigo’s one trashcan has been spilling over on the ground, which then gets pushed by the door straight into my little sitting space.  And when I called Indigo on it, the  response was mind boggling.

I simply after kicking some of the trash away from my chair and more over in front of the trash can, said to Indigo, “man YOUR trash can is pretty full”.  To which she responded with a chuckle “yah my trash can haha..” I then continued moving the trash away from my area nudging it with my foot as she watched.  She then added, “Well it is so cold out, I mean, that is just MY excuse, you know for the state”.  She then looked at me unexpectedly like I should give my reason for not taking out INDIGO’s own trash!  Now Indigo is form the state where we go to school, which as stated in my blog post before I am from a state a while farther north.  So that fact that Indigo was trying to us the “oh well you are more used to the cold cuz you are from the north” excuse is ridiculous.  And does Indigo somehow think that if its cold and snowy outside right now, that magically I have some power where I can make it not be when I go out to take out the trash, because that is the only logically way I can see how her argument of ‘its too cold for me but not for you’ would work!  Yes, I actually control the weather, can’t you tell by my extensive blog last time on how I hate the snow!  Ugh people!!


It really isn’t hard to take out your own garbage and it is a lot easier when it isn’t strewn across the floor from over flowing! So a word to the wise JUST TAKE OUT THE FUCKING TRASH!!! ESPECIALLY IF IT IS YOUR OWN!!!!!  So that is my little rant on the trash and another level of inconsideration Indigo has.

And as always remember to smile at a stranger, thank a plant, and eat something covered in cheese (or just a potato if your lactose intolerant)! Have a nice day!

p.s. I will try to write more often!



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