In Conclusion…. You all suck.


soo… i figured you are all dying to know the ending to my epoch of the Coral and Indigo living situation. So after weeks of hard work from me, and only me, and weeks of mindless stupidity from them, I can now say the lease is….


Now to be fair I have scheduled to go sign it with them in a few days. Which is a BIG deal! A huge victory right? I mean when I first got the okay from them I was pretty sure I just won the Noble Freaking Prize in communication to the race of stupid (occupants being them).IMG_0592IMG_0963

But then, I forgot that even though I put weeks into this, you are only as strong as your stupidest member signing the lease, AND LET ME TELL YOU HOW IDIOTIC THESE PEOPLE ARE!

So I set up the appointment right away and then told them it had been set! Great, good, logical right? Then I received some very concerning text messages…. Now I am going to share the messages mostly because I am too lazy to type out their ludicrous replies. I of course used the colors to signify who said what, and I’m the palette and paint brush (for ART, get it?) So I will break the convo down for you, for full experience of my frustration and loss of hope for all of human race.


Started off with me double checking the time. I obviously did not suspect the stupidity hurricane that was about to bitch slap me. I should have though by the first reply of “What do I need to bring?” Considering I had spent my last few weeks explaining what was needed, firing off emails about the paper work, the money, whatever. But I figured Indigo was just double checking, aware of what was needed but wanting to make sure everything was there.


So i nicely replied. The if was suppose to be ID but hey it is a small mistake. THEN THE REPLY….  Sooo first of all I have emailed and messaged the pdf version AND the link to the website with the application to them already. SO that’s concerning. What did you just ask for them just to see if I would send them, HEY wouldn’t it be HILARIOUS if we make ART send the application to us then just completely forgot about it!? YAH SOOOOO FUNNY! Next, co-signer form, no don’t have your dad fill it out, of course not! Please have the local leprachan sign it with a pen he uses by squeezing it between his magical but cheeks! THAT IS THE ONLY LOGICAL THING TO DO ISN’T IT??????? And where do you find it? GEEEEE??? maybe with the application, that I already sent to you? nooo that couldn’t be right could it?  AND NOW MY FAVORITE- “Coral told me all this stuff was due on move in day.” REALLY????? NOW DID SHE? Because that makes total sense. Yes your just gonna go move all your shit in next semester and then be like “hey you know that application (a thing that’s purpose is to apply to be accepted to live somewhere, prior to living there) and yah the security deposit and oh yah the 2 months of rent that happened over the summer before I move in for next semester? Yah all that stuff, well here it is. So don’t worry about how late it is in or anything, cuz I’m already moved in!” YES THAT IS EXACTLY HOW LEASING WORKS!wrong

Such a bunch of idiots, has common sense just died? Coral for telling her this shit and Indigo for actually believing it!!!


Sorry this one is so small. but basically… Surprise Indigo doesn’t have the $430 right now. Which first of all the security deposit is $625 not $430, but hey nice try there. Then Indigo wants the email with this info, which this would have been the second time I have sent this email to them. And then the working father card gets played. Now, I do understand work is very time consuming, and not everyone has $625 just laying around, i know I sure don’t. But it isn’t as if this is a new thing, I have tried to make everything accessible to them, so this kind of understanding wouldn’t happen. AND THEY HAVE HAD 3 WEEKS! Considering this is our last week of full classes, I do not understand how they aren’t more concerned about this? HOW CAN SOMEONE BE THIS ON ORGANIZED, UNPREPARED, AND OVERALL A HEADACHE TO WORK WITH??


So I start off with trying to be helpful, offering to move it back even though it is getting close to the end of the school year as well as close to when the first rent payment is due.  Indigo’s response id valid even though this conversation took place last Thursday and the Friday mentioned would be this Friday (a week in between). Then next message though REALLY gets me. I was in class during this lovely exchange and I was so angry from the stupidity I actually started crying, it was quite a scene.  “it’s been like less than 30 minutes since you told me all this. So.” Still gets to me man… SO FUCKING WHAT? SO WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING THE LAST 3 WEEKS? has it not been stressing out over this? have I not been emailing people and getting information? Had I not been texting Coral every day, just for it to be ignored and have a little read stamp next to it and knowing that it has been seen but I obviously am not worth a simple response???? Hmmm maybe that was all a nightmare I have been having for the past weeks? and the inbox full of emails between me and the leasing company, are obviously fake, forges all of them! YAH that is right, you taking the apartment and needing all this very reasonable stuff is just a new-fangled thing, the company was just like hey lets be the first to ever have an application and security deposit, man those could be our things! NO ONE EVER DOES THOSE!!!

So obviously my response was  cool and collected with an undertone of furious… AND THEN THE CONFESSION: ‘you and Coral told me different things, hence my confusion’. OHHH REALLY?? Hmmm and who did you believe? The one who hasn’t talked to the leasing company, hasn’t made a single real decision, and didn’t even know where to find any of the information? Or me, the one whose been setting up appointments, going all out contacting people, and getting info for a place I’m not even going to be living in?!?! Hmmmm… Looks like you chose wrong ass-hat…
Coral’s “That was my bad, sorry about that”. NO REALLY IT WAS YOUR FAULT??? GOSH DARN! I THOUGHT IT WAS MY FAULT THIS WHOLE TIME!!!!!!!

Soooo how did this end you ask? After this talk then didn’t answer me for 2 days. Until finally after talking with my parents and only considering suicide once or twice, I made the appointment for Friday, and told Indigo, I would pay $625 security fee for now. WHY ME? THE ONE NOT LIVING THERE? Even though Coral seems better off financially then I am? The only who also detests Indigo’s existence, and the one who is also paying the $100 fee to change the lease as well? BECAUSE IF THEY COULD DO ANYTHING IT WOULD BE A MIRACLE!!
So now I am paying a whooping total of $725 dollars just to not live with Coral next year. And if that makes sense to anyone please let me know what you’re taking because I would very much like some of it.tumblr_m7j8w0rsVT1rnjcmw
However as my parents put it, it is worth it to keep me sane and insure that I am away from these ass hats next year! So if you need me after Friday, I’ll be getting drunk and complaining to anyone who will listen about these monsters!
Until next time,
Always remember to smile at a stranger, thank a plant, and eat something covered in cheese (or just a potato if your lactose intolerant)! Have a nice day!